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For all types of timber and hardwood roof lanterns, we offer the best solutions that satisfy the demands of the DIY, Trade and retail market perfectly.

As one of the leading companies in the United Kingdom for timber roof lanterns and DIY roof lanterns, our roof lanterns will definitely fascinate the true traditionalist amazingly combining with an existing property and offering an everlasting incorporation to your home.

Created by our expert craftsmen, all our timber trade roof lanterns are a unique hallmark of unparalleled architecture to add great value to your property. We offer handmade rafters with noteworthy details placed all along the twin edges of the timbers. The boss positioned in the centre is also crafted manually, with subtle details integrated to enhance quality of the roof space.

Roof Lantern over Kitchen

All the hardwood roof lanterns we offer bear the quality and functionality of the highest standards. There is also maximum attention given to individualized designs that are accomplished with the help of the latest CAD technology. Hence, you can be assured of 100% accuracy within the joinery work.

When you look around our Timber Roof Lanterns website, you will be aware of the diverse designs of lanterns on offer to fulfill your specific tastes and preferences. These DIY roof lanterns can be obtained in a variety of unbelievable forms such as pyramids, octagons, squares and rectangles. There are also trade roof lanterns suitable for shops, restaurants, offices, etc.

So, say goodbye to the hassles involved in your roof lantern project and hire us to make the best ever decision in your life!

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